I started learning calligraphy on my own in 2013. In 2014 I was already teaching calligraphy in monthly workshops. I did that for 5 years and taught calligraphy to more than 500 people. I do traditional and digital calligraphy and lettering, in a wide variety of styles and with a large range of instruments. I usually am available for live demos and workshops, but drop me a line and ask me if I’m available and when 😉


I started my apprenticeship in 2019 at Pisica Grasa Tattoo Studio (for a few months) and kept practicing to this day on my own. I love nature themed designs (birds and other animals, insects, plants), blackwork style, maybe with a little dash of darkness (skulls & skeletons). I don’t work at a studio for the moment, but I am available to tattoo at your place, provided that it respects certain conditions of hygiene and lighting. Let me know!


I’ve been drawing all my life, but I started working with clients since 2016 when I began collaborating with Revue Regard to illustrate their covers. In 2017 I illustrated the covers for Cariere magazine. I did a lot of personal work, exploring a wide range of styles and techniques. If you need a tattoo design, a spot illustration, a digital portrait for your pet, a drawing on your wall, let me know!

Graphic design

I started learning Photoshop since v7.0 and my first serious job as a graphic designer happened in 2011. Since then, I worked as a graphic designer and DTP in various top local and international companies and agencies (Lugera – top HR agency, BrandTailors – top branding agency, Austral – top office supplies services). I also have 5+ years of experience as a freelancer. If you need a logo, a business card, invitations to your event, labels for your craft beer, let me know!

Mural painting

My first mural was a small lettering in Dr. Mihaela Trifan Dentistry Lounge. A short while after, I drew on the walls for Dabo, and just before that I worked as an assistant with Saddo, Ghica Popa, Irina Mocanu for BCR’s George Street Gallery. This brought me a collab with KITRA and recently another mural in collab with Irina Mocanu for Street Delivery on Gastrobar’s wall at Industria Bumbacului. 

Wanna work together on your next project?